Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Indica - A Way Away

(Written for Powerplay Magazine)

An odd signing for a predominantly metal label like Nuclear Blast, the perpetually labelled ‘all-girl band’ Indica play an almost gothic brand of pop rock. As ridiculous as it may sound, Indica are like the missing link between Nightwish and Girls Aloud. It’s catchy pop embroiled in a pseudo-dark image and symphonic orchestration. Listening to A Way Away, it’s no surprise that its producer was Nightwish’s own Tuomas Holopainen, who clearly brings his penchant for the grandiose in to the Indica formula.
Although it may sound like a musical identity crisis on paper, A Way Away is surprisingly listenable. The twee pop chorus of 'Precious Dark' is almost contagiously catchy, with lyrics straying between pretentious melancholy and Alexander Ryback fairy tales (you know, the Eurovision 2009 winner… no?). Similarly, the curiously poetic melancholy of 'In Passing' or the title track are enough to stay in the listener’s ear long after their conclusion. 'Scissor, Paper, Rock'sees Indica momentarily flirt with the up-beat, but only in its guitar driven instrumentation; the lyrics are as bleak as the rest of the album, but who cares when the chorus is this addictive?
There are certainly enjoyable moments throughout the album, but a lot of A Way Away seems to plod along rather drearily with many tracks sounding little more than a very simplistic funeral march. The strongest moments are when Indica step back slightly from their relentless elegy and deliver weirdly infectious gothic pop.

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