Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Serenity Dies - Hacksawcracy

(You know the deal by now. This one's for PowerPlay Magazine.)

Serenity Dies’ amusingly titled Hacksawcracy is a thrashing platter of metal, with its Annihilator-esque stop-start riffery and spiked, Mille Petrozza styled vocals making for an acidic mix. There are few dull moments on this album and variety is pleasingly rife throughout. The slunked riffs of 'In Devil’s Symmetry' are followed by clever little flourishes such as the intricate guitar pattern behind the chorus’ screams, a vigorous dialogue interjection and a fantastic set of solos. 'Psycho Ride' showcases an unexpectedly melodic chorus that is especially atypical to this brand of thrash but is masterfully implemented, whereas the almost Lamb of God stylistic flair of 'Dystopian Law' shows a willingness to be more than just a retro-thrash act.
Indeed, Hacksawcracy is short, sharp and hard hitting. In its modest 29 minutes, the album shows Serenity Dies to be skilled thrashers who have the oft-overlooked skill of not outstaying their welcome, offering quality over quantity.

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