Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Liv Kristine - Skintight

(Written for Powerplay Magazine)

Those expecting something akin to Leaves’ Eyes from Liv Kristine’s solo output should probably avoid Skintight as the music here is an exercise in European pop-rock and a far cry from Kristine’s symphonic metal outfit. Clearly, the main draw of the album is meant to be Kristine’s floating vocals which remain consistently gentle throughout. However, when most of the material is as ironically lifeless as tracks such as 'Lifeline', it doesn’t matter how good the singer’s voice is. That’s not to say it’s all terrible – 'Emotional Catastrophes' makes great use of a slightly rocky and haunting set of melodies, 'Boy At The Window' boasts a driven, partially spoken verse section and 'Versified Harmonies's drifting chorus is well enunciated by quiet guitar siren calls and subtle sitars. But these moments aside, the lion’s share of the album remains monotonous acoustic pop that lacks any particular direction or excitement and as a result, Skintight, whilst listenable, is probably really only one for diehards of Kristine’s admittedly dazzling voice.

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