Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Shush - Soundtrack of My Life

From the get-go, Shush’s Soundtrack of My Life is an energetic and heavy platter of pop-punk that sees winding metal riffs cleverly punctured by catchy melodies, as prominently displayed by the hugely infectious chorus of ‘Got Caught In The Act’. Shush’s lively songs have just enough bite to keep even their poppier moments weighted, with ‘Shout’ clearly channelling that Wildhearts penchant for aggressive hooks. Not shying away from variety, ‘Blues’ sees the band take on a slightly more traditional blues-metal riffery, with the fantastic groove of the verse leading in to a disarmingly charming chorus. Conversely, the title track is a bit more restrained, marred only by the borderline annoying over-repetition of line "Welcome to the soundtrack of my life". Indeed, there a few duff moments on the album - pseudo-ballad ‘Stay’ comes across as a bit naff despite its strong vocal performance, for instance - but, with tracks as jabbingly addictive as ‘You You Me Me’, there’s more than enough to make up for it. In Soundtrack of My Life, Shush have delivered a consistent debut of hook-laden modern rock that is sure to cement itself to listeners’ memories.

Soundtrack of My Life... is out 1st November on Ruby Records.

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