Sunday, 24 October 2010

Gorillaz - Doncamatic

One thing that has to be admired about Damon Albarn is his willingness to experiment under the guise of Gorillaz. New single ‘Doncamatic’ is no different, seeing the “band” move in to the realm of synth-pop and, weirdly, it really works. ‘Doncamatic’ has an undeniably retro vibe, with its electronic instrumentals sounding a bit like a badly synthesised accordion being attacked by an unrelenting array of square leads (the single is accompanied by an instrumental version of the track that really elucidates how bizarre the background effects are). The most modern thing about the single is certainly the vocals of guest singer Daley, helping to cement the track in the 21st century and giving the song its much needed hooks. It’s a straightforward but ear-catching tune that should be positively received by most.

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