Sunday, 4 July 2010

Peter Frampton - Thank You Mr Churchill

(To be printed in PowerPlay Magazine Issue 122)

Thank You Mr Churchill is a collection of serene songs augmented by the classic guitar stylings and soft, Colin Hay-esque croon of Peter Frampton. Indeed, the guitar playing on the album is fantastic. Tuneful, well thought out and tasteful – exactly what the world has come to expect from Peter Frampton. But what’s more, it’s clear that Frampton hasn’t lost his knack for song-writing as there are some absolute stunners on this album. 'Road to the Sun' includes Frampton’s son, Julian on vocals and throws the listener a hugely memorable chorus whereas 'I’m Due A You' is a beautifully melodic soft-rocker that evokes a somewhat Santana-esque vibe. Subtly present throughout is Frampton’s Motown influence, one that makes itself most apparent on 'Invisible Man' through its bouncing guitars and effectively placed soul backing vocals.

The album as a whole seems to be calm and unassuming, moving along steadily and offering slightly laid-back tunes that are involving without being intrusive. Even when things get slightly heavier, such as on the Jimmy Page styled riffery of 'I Want It Back' or the classic metal chops of 'Asleep At The Wheel', the dynamic of the music somehow remains cool and collected. Whilst perhaps not quite the power rock of Frampton’s glory days, Thank You Mr Churchill offers a sublimely contemplative collection of matured songs that are sure to entertain both fans and newcomers alike.

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