Sunday, 4 July 2010

Belligerence - Remember Who Put You There

(To be printed in PowerPlay Magazine Issue 122)

Belligerence’s Remember Who Put You There is a groove-laden offering of metal from the get-go, boasting ball-bustingly heavy riffs with the southern drawl that’s characteristic of bands like Clutch or Crowbar. Opener proper, 'A Breaking Dawn', is almost like a half-way point between Pantera and Down, with singer Tim Brock certainly having something of a Phil Anselmo quality to his voice. Throughout the E.P., the instrumentation remains strong; the guitars drive the music and the rhythm section makes sure there’s a constant thump to support the musical vehicle. The title track is by far the heaviest on the E.P., boasting painfully palm-muted riffs and a great wah-ed solo before leading into a neck-snappingly heavy breakdown.

Remember Who Put You There is gutsy display of sludgy riffs that is sure to please those who enjoy their metal with a booze-slugging punch behind it. If Belligerence can pull out an album as consistently strong as this E.P., they’ll be on to great things.

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